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Curriculum Development

I developed several curricula covering a broad range of computing topics. Here are a few samples:

POCA Instructor Slides Instructor slides for Principles of Computer Architecture textbook

This instructor slide set, with over 600 illustrations and graphic elements, accompanies Principles of Computer Architecture, Miles J. Murdocca and Vincent P. Heuring, Prentice Hall, (2000).

You can download the entire slide set here:

Principles of Computer Architecture Instructor slides
Programming in Perl

Perl is a scripting language that is used pervasively in CGI programming on the World Wide Web. Perl has its roots in the Unix operating system, and since a large number of Web servers run on Unix, using Perl on Unix for CGI scripting is a very common configuration.

This is a short course in Perl programming. You can access the full curriculum here:

Programming in Perl curriculum
CGI Programmin Slide
GPS receiver slide Army Signal Unit IT Training.

This is a substantial development effort involving several authors, which produced thousands of classroom slides covering: routers, switches, servers, and PIX firewalls, and LAN extensions using media converters, Pairgain DSL modems, and Canoga Perkins fiber optic modems. The IDNX / Promina multiplexer and the Redcom IGX telephone switch curricula have nearly 1000 slides each.

Transmission assets covered include Tactical Satellite (TACSAT), Tropospheric Scatter (Tropo), Tropo Satellite Support Radio (TSSR), and Line of Sight (LOS). Other technologies include GPS timing, KIV-7/KIV-19 encryption units, Tactical Network Nodal Management, COTS Network Nodal Management, and more.

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